Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brutus is a lot like the honey badger.....he doesn't give a ....

Have you all seen this? *Please note the language is graphic but it's pretty funny!

Brutus is a lot like the honey badger.

Brutus is a loner, aside from me, he could care less about anyone else most of the time
Brutus wanders off during all meet ups he isn't interested in other pugs
Brutus got hit by a car and didn't even care
Brutus fell asleep while ceremic tile was being hammered out in the house
Brutus surpasses many visitors to go outside to pee
Brutus has had major sores from allergies on his body and couldn't even tell. Tufts of hair fall out.
Brutus has had a major ear infection and didn't even care
Brutus has a large mass of scar tissue on the top of his nose and could care less. (Note about the large mass everyone asks "is that poop?" or "what's on his face?")

Brutus had a tumor on his rear and 2 teeth pulled and he didn't care
In all seriousness Brutus is a very aloof dog in some ways. My boyfriend Mark says "that's how he rolls." I have said that a dinosaur could walk down the street next to us and he wouldn't pay a bit of attention. He does care about some things though......