Monday, September 12, 2011

Rugs and vaccums

Since we have new floors, we also had to get new rugs.

For the entry way we went with this.

I got a large utility rug in the dining area because of the pugs. They drip water and etc.

I also got all new vaccums to go with the new carpet and hardwood. I know it's lame but I was excited to get them all. Most exciting is the bissel guy. I can't have any beater bars or anything and I wanted something easy to work with. I use it every other day to pick up hair and etc.

For the carpet I bought this bad boy. I love it too!

For any stains I bought this little guy.


  1. hi stacy!

    oh my gosh!

    what great things you got!
    i love getting new rugs and vacuums too!


  2. We don't do rugs here because someone inevitably pees on them. But mom is with you on the excitement. She got a Roomba a few years ago and named it. Harriett. It even travelled to Texas with us to visit the grandparents. You should totally include them in your Christmas card!

  3. WOW, those new floors are GORGEOUS!

    Mom loves new rugs and vacuums too, but dad goes INSANE for cleaning equipment of any kind! You should SEE his collection!!!! ***makes "kookoo" gesture winding around the ear***

    See you soon!



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