Monday, August 22, 2011

Hardwood floors

Well like Brutus pointed out, we got all new hardwood floors in the main walkways and dining room. We got engineered hardwood that was hand scraped so it isn't "finished" or looks consistent. It does have a finish on it but it looks weathered. I love it!

So before it began they brought the wood over.

Here is my lovely cluttered kitchen counter. Clutter clutter everywhere for weeks. It drove me nuts!

Sammy enjoying the hardwood.

So here we are on Day 1, all carpet removed in the main area and dining room! YAY
I was able to finally get rid of where Lilly had messed on the carpet!!!! On a side note she passed one year ago on July 9th, I still miss her.

For the area where Lilly had peed over and over on the carpet we put baking soda down to absorb the moisture and then painted over it with killz

Day 2 was a bust because there was a low spot and it had to be evened out.

Day 3!!

Day 4!!

Day 5!!



  1. WOW!!! That new hardwood looks WONDERFUL!!!!! We especially love the "diagonal" pattern that you did (on the bias?) instead of just straight across! VERRRY cool!

    Ok, question for Brutus and the new floor hard for you guys to walk or run on??? Mom and dad have been talking about getting hardwood for the entire downstairs but aren't sure because I am used to carpet!

    LOVE the Gerbera Daisies on the table too! Very happy flowers! Make sure you have them when Architectural Digest comes for their photo shoot!


  2. Floors look great!!! Nice job!! I'm with S-Dog, love the diagonal!!



  3. The floors look great. Love the cut on the bias. Will the dogs' nails leave marks?


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