Monday, August 29, 2011


A few people asked about the hardwood floors and the pugs/animals. I don't think the pugs like the hardwood floors per se because they don't have the traction. Both have wiped out a couple of times. I do feel bad for them but Brutus does love it as it's cool and he has way more places to lay. As far as their nails/claws they don't harm the floor. I hear them clack on the floor but they don't scratch the floor from what I've seen. They do love the new carpet....

The new carpet is not as exciting as the hardwood floors but I have a few pictures. I didn't get new carpet in the guest bath but I did get the walls repainted. More about that in a second.

Closet before with very blue carpet...

New carpet

The great room with the new carpet

Bathroom before

Bathroom after. Now I thought I was going with a light green but instead it was bright lime green. I swear you can see a green reflection off the white floor tile. Anyway, since it was so green I choose to decorate with red. I love it!


  1. I love the pic in the bathroom (priorities) :)

  2. Sluggo is NOT a fan of hard wood. Especially when it is shiny. Mom and Dad put down throw rugs and in the basement they make stepping stones out of dog beds for him. I love the new bathroom decor, it looks great!

  3. All the floors look beautiful! In our current house we are working on installing hardwood and ceramic too. The dogs are totally fine on the smooth surfaces, but we have never had carpet. As a side note, when Clover goes on carpet - she loooooves it, runs around like a madwoman. She must like the grip. :)
    P.S. This is Jess, Clover & Chewy's mom - I am having a hard time posting with my account!

  4. Oooohhhh....verrry nice!

    We LOVE the puggie in the bathroom!!!! Of course any pug worth his/her kibble will FOLLOW the hooman into the bathroom to help!

    Thank you for the floor info. Mom and Dad keep going back and forth on the issue.


  5. Congrats, Stacy! Don't you love all that "new stuff" smell? ;)

    We have original hardwood floors (1962!) that previous owners covered with carpet for a lot of years. In 2002 we took up the carpet and refinished the living room floor. None of my pets had/have a particular problem with wipeouts - although, none of them have been very fast movers! ;) And I haven't noticed any nail damage (at least not that the eye can see).


  6. Your room is so cool! and also you have a carpet,I want to sleep in that soft carpet. Woof! :)

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