Monday, August 29, 2011


A few people asked about the hardwood floors and the pugs/animals. I don't think the pugs like the hardwood floors per se because they don't have the traction. Both have wiped out a couple of times. I do feel bad for them but Brutus does love it as it's cool and he has way more places to lay. As far as their nails/claws they don't harm the floor. I hear them clack on the floor but they don't scratch the floor from what I've seen. They do love the new carpet....

The new carpet is not as exciting as the hardwood floors but I have a few pictures. I didn't get new carpet in the guest bath but I did get the walls repainted. More about that in a second.

Closet before with very blue carpet...

New carpet

The great room with the new carpet

Bathroom before

Bathroom after. Now I thought I was going with a light green but instead it was bright lime green. I swear you can see a green reflection off the white floor tile. Anyway, since it was so green I choose to decorate with red. I love it!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hardwood floors

Well like Brutus pointed out, we got all new hardwood floors in the main walkways and dining room. We got engineered hardwood that was hand scraped so it isn't "finished" or looks consistent. It does have a finish on it but it looks weathered. I love it!

So before it began they brought the wood over.

Here is my lovely cluttered kitchen counter. Clutter clutter everywhere for weeks. It drove me nuts!

Sammy enjoying the hardwood.

So here we are on Day 1, all carpet removed in the main area and dining room! YAY
I was able to finally get rid of where Lilly had messed on the carpet!!!! On a side note she passed one year ago on July 9th, I still miss her.

For the area where Lilly had peed over and over on the carpet we put baking soda down to absorb the moisture and then painted over it with killz

Day 2 was a bust because there was a low spot and it had to be evened out.

Day 3!!

Day 4!!

Day 5!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

March was not a good month for me

My Dad passing has been tough. His death effects my Mom and I and also our relationships with others. I'm not going to go into it much but I miss him. I miss how things were. It's only been a little over 4 months. I focus on every 29th of the month because that's the day he died. Some days are worse than others. Most people don't talk about it with me which doesn't help. People are afraid they will hurt your feelings but really you want to talk. For the first few months I cried. Now I don't because I don't want to hurt. He is pictured here with his cat Dutch. Mom says the cats aren't the same. Both miss him as he used to pet them a lot because he sat in his chair a lot.

Not only did my Dad pass in March but a friend and co-worker did too.

In Dec of 2009 Seemann - yes that was his real name - aka CB was taken to the ER. Long story short he had brain cancer. He passed on March 10th.

I miss them both terribly. I went to movies and dinner with CB sometimes. He hosted all of our work parties. He helped me around the house with small things. He even built a beam in my house which I love. Both were people I could count on to help me and they are gone.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lots of catching up to do - Miley and the Paint

Hi all, we've got a lot of catching up to do. Moms been struggling a little since her Dad passed away. We have had some good times though.

In mid-July we got new hardwood floors and carpet all throughout the house. Before that happened though, Mom got some of the walls painted.

Miley decided it would be a good idea to see what the paint tasted like. Can you believe her?

Happy Monday!


**Stacy here, Miley licks everything and everyone who is new. She most likely walked up to the can of paint to smell it and licked it at the same time.