Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy "Gotcha" Day Miley!

2 years ago today I picked up Miley to "foster" her until she found her forever home. Little did I know she was in her forever home. While I am a foster failure with her and George Henry, I am proud to say these were some great failures. I really didn't want another Dog but she is special to me in many ways.

As some of you know my Dad is on a lung transplant list. He initially was diagnosed with lung issues 2 years ago in January. In March and April he was really struggling and this was when I had started fostering Miley. The last thing I needed was another responsibility. But Miley turned out to be a good responsibility for me. There were days I was so down and she would be one of the only things to bring a smile to my face. She is in a word fun. She is always in a good mood, loves anything living, other dogs, cats, birds, people, etc and has a tongue that sticks out most of the time which is so cute and makes it impossible to be upset when she's around.

She has come a long way from that anxious dog I picked up. Although I didn't "officially" adopt her until October I still consider this her "gotcha" day. Happy Gotcha Day Baby Girl.


  1. I just love Miley's sweet face! Happy Gotcha Day, cutie pie!!!

  2. Happy Gotcha day Miley. You all really hit the jackpot that day two years ago!

  3. Happy day to ya, Miley, honey!

    You sure are a lucky gal!

  4. Happy Gotcha, Miley! Miley is so special to me - I remember when you were fostering her and I tried to convince Jeremy we needed to drive up there and adopt her so we could have a black and a fawn long tongued pug to match Clementine. She reminds me so much of Clem - her energy and happiness. I was so happy when you decided to adopt her, and obviously you are too. Here's to many many more years with her!

  5. Happy Gotcha day Miley! We love seeing you happy pug face!

    Hugs Tuni and Sequoia

  6. Yay! Happy Gotcha Day Miley! I'm so glad you're continuing to bring a smile to your Momma's face.

    Stacy - Hang in there. I know what it's like to go through oodles of medical stuff with a Dad. We'll keep you guys in our prayers. Keep us updated. How's Brutus doing?

    Apollo & Jami

  7. Happy Belated Gotcha Day!

    We are still wading through our zillion GR posts!

    Best of lukhk to ALL of WOO!



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