Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big Pug Meet-up

Hi everyone! I haven't blogged in a while as I've been bogged down with work but I wanted to post about a huge pug meetup in Indy.

There were many of the usual "Indy Bloggers" there such as Sailinger, Apollo, Hank and Molly, Sophie, Dixie and Harley, Maggie, Lilo, The Pug Posse, and Yoda and Brutus

I took Brutus and Miley with me and it was great to see and meet everyone. I got to see Stubby in person who has to be one of the most photogenic pugs I've ever seen.

We also had some out town guests. It was wonderful to meet them all!

Foo, Stubby, Punchy, Clover and Chewy, Pearl, Those Elgin Pugs,

I think I've included everyone that was there. Please forgive me and let me know if I missed anyone!

There are tons of photos on facebook but I wanted to share 3. The last one is of me getting ready to cut the cake that Laura made. I've got both fists read to cut.

Don't I look enthused in both? I take the worst pictures.