Monday, July 19, 2010

Mancat Monday

All I have are male cats since my Lilly passed

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lilly RIP Favorite girl in the world

My pretty Lilly passed away today. Last week I noticed she had lost some muscle mass and was not quite as active. For some reason even then I knew she was dying. I can't explain it but I just knew. She went to the vet on Monday. Bloodwork revealed liver failure. She went into the vets for two days for fluids and antibiotics but it was too late. I was able to bring her home for a day but this morning when I got up and looked at her, I knew. I took her in this afternoon to help her cross over. I miss her already. I had never had to put a pet to sleep until today. I was glad to be there with her in the end but this really hurts. I brought her body home and put her in a grave I had dug. She's buried in the yard out by the lilly flowers I have.

I've only had Lilly for 4 years. I had adopted her from a lady in town who was moving. Lilly had a princess complex and was very moody and had an attitude much of the time. I still loved her though and sometimes loved her because of her snarky meows and hisses. She had a pretty pink nose, I loved the way she would rub her face on things, and I thought her meow was the most beautiful I had ever heard. I sometimes got the feeling that whatever her kittenhood was like, it wasn't as wonderful as it should have been. I remember when I went to pick her up when I adopted her I had asked what kind of toys she liked. The lady said she never played. Turns out Lilly did play. She would roll a purple ball around the house and at times pick it up with her mouth.

I've done a lot of crying the past week. The whole concept of death is very messy and sad. I cry because I will miss her. I cry because I wonder if she knew how much I loved her. I cry because I hope she had a good life with us. I'd like to think she enjoyed her life here. The house has been mighty quite without her around. She was very vocal and often chatted with me. I hope to bring out that quality in a couple of the other cats around here.

I hope she is up there rolling on the concrete and basking in the sun. I will miss you my favorite girl in the world.