Monday, March 29, 2010

Flat Puglet campus visit

Flat Puglet went with me to work a few days last week. I teach athletic training at Ball State University.

First up he made the rounds in our department offices.

Flat Puglet helped me out with some research. Here is he helping me get the evaluation room ready.

Flat Puglet also was able to get some rest in a dog bed which is used by a co workers service dog.

Flat puglet was able to get some lovin from Chris, a doctoral student.

Here Flat Puglet is hanging out at Don's desk. He he, Don didn't know we took this picture. Hi Don.

Next Flat Puglet was able to go on campus and do some touring.

He visited the Athletic Training Lab where he participated in a lab on shoulder evaluation.

He was a hit with the ladies!

He then went to hang with Garfield. The creator of Garfield Jim Davis is from the local area and still resides here.

Up next Flat Puglet sat in on a lecture about health insurance.

Lastly, he checked out the David Letterman Communications building. Did you know David Letterman went to Ball State Univ?

We hope Flat Pugllet had an education yet fun time with us.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Flat Puglet post 1 home

We were excited to open up the mail earlier in the week and find Flat Puglet.

He spent some time with Miley. As you can see she looks thrilled.

He then hung out with Brutus.

Up next I'll post about his travels on campus.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Miley and Gusto

Miley loves other dogs. She actually loves everything. So a few months ago a puppy showed up in the neighborhood. The pup was afraid of Brutus and Miley at first but not for long. Miley gets so excited to see Gusto. Here are some videos I took a few weeks ago. She so tries to keep up with him but sometimes it's so hard.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy "Gotcha Day" Miley

Brutus and Miley are both feeling better. She got sick from Brutus and needed antibiotics too. Lots of sneezing going on in this house the last week! AHHHHH CHOOOO

Well folks one year ago today I started fostering Miley. Although I made the decision to officially adopt her in October, she's been with us a year.

She's made so much progress. I can remember what she was like when she came here. Anxious, nervous, would excessively bark at people, kids, bite at kids, etc. When I first got her I wouldn't take her with me on trips to visit my parents because she was so active. Turns out that "activeness" was because she needed more stimulation.

I didn't set out to adopt another pug but I just fell in love with her. She is such a great little dog. We are so happy to have her. Happy Gotcha Day my little girl.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Thank you everyone for the well wishes.

Brutus got worse throughout the night. Panting,restless, etc. When we got up this morning he wouldn't eat. I as pretty upset.

I called Dr. Grasso our vet and I took Bru in before my 8am class. I am so thankful for our veterinarian. They are a married couple are so great. Good thing I did. He had a fever and his ear was full of discharge (bacteria and yeast). He got an antibiotic shot, cortisone shot and his ear was cleaned out. He's on some drops and continuing on with the antibiotics.

The passing of Sol has inspired me to post more about Brutus and Miley but also to post about stories and memories that I don't want to forget. No one is sick or dying, it's just I want to remember some things.

So first up is some pictures of Brutus with his blue and brown bear, Rupert.

Rupert was one of the very 1st toys I bought Brutus when I first adopted him.

He carries this toy around.

He cleans his toy like it's a baby.

But even cuter he sucks on its nose.

He sure does love that toy!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ear ache

Brutus is not feeling very well. I went out of town and he was boarded with Miley at our Vets office. He started sneezing yesterday and today his right ear is very sore. Even to pull on it to put medicine in it makes him wince. I feel so bad for him. He's eating, drinking and all bodily functions are a go but no playing. He's also very leery of his sis Miley as he doesn't want her to touch his ear.

In the meantime here are some videos from a few weeks ago when he was feeling better. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Goodbye Sol, we loved your stories and pictures

Hi friends, I've posted about Sol before. Unfortunately she passed away earlier today. If you get a chance hop over to Owned By Pugs and give them some support.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her. I've always enjoyed her pictures and stories. She had a lot of spunk for an old gal and it was great hearing about her adventures and seeing videos of her. We have no idea what her life was like before she was taken in by the self-less people at OBP but she sure lived a lot during the year and a half or so they had her. I'll miss you Sol.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Radioactive cat

Hi all. Those of you who are friends with us on facebook knows Bones made it home after his radioactivity, or hyperthyroidism treatment. He came home with a collar that had a radioactive symbol on it. Bones goes in for follow up blood work in about 3 weeks. Hopefully everything is normal.

We missed KPRs March in the Pugs this year. My spring break just started and I am burnt out. I'm really struggling with some job stress. Glad to hear on facebook that March in the Pugs was a fun time. Sorry we missed it.

Coach has a cutest pug keyring. I ended up getting it for myself.

Take care everyone.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cassidy and Miley

Anyone want a little sister?

Stacy here. The Child you see with Miley here is Cassidy.

When I first started fostering Miley she was very different. One of the ways was around children. Miley loves kids but was never really taught how to act around them. She jumps on them, runs up to them, play bites, etc.

One little girl in the neighborhood Cassidy was "bit" by Miley. It was a play bite but it did break the skin and hurt her. So after that I was very careful with Miley around the neighborhood kids. Cassidy and her parents were very good about the bite. So in time, Miley got a little better around children and Cassidy became more involved with Miley. What has happened over time is that now when Cassidy sees us outside, she comes out and helps me by walking Miley. Miley loves it! I have worked with Cassidy to be sure to be the pack leader for Miley and Miley for the most part is very submissive to Cassidy. What this last picture is of, is Miley sitting on Cassidys command. I am so proud of both of them. Cassidy was bit by this dog, yet she over time bonded with Miley. To me, this picture epitomizes the fact that no one really believed that Miley could be a good girl. She had 2 homes before coming to us. She just needed someone to work with her and believe in her.

Cassidy was out today and walked with Miley. This hadn't happened since October or so since it was cold. Miley is coming up on her 1 year anny with us. She's been a handful but I sure have enjoyed having the little girl around.

This last picture is of Cassidy telling Miley to sit.