Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big Pug Meet-up

Hi everyone! I haven't blogged in a while as I've been bogged down with work but I wanted to post about a huge pug meetup in Indy.

There were many of the usual "Indy Bloggers" there such as Sailinger, Apollo, Hank and Molly, Sophie, Dixie and Harley, Maggie, Lilo, The Pug Posse, and Yoda and Brutus

I took Brutus and Miley with me and it was great to see and meet everyone. I got to see Stubby in person who has to be one of the most photogenic pugs I've ever seen.

We also had some out town guests. It was wonderful to meet them all!

Foo, Stubby, Punchy, Clover and Chewy, Pearl, Those Elgin Pugs,

I think I've included everyone that was there. Please forgive me and let me know if I missed anyone!

There are tons of photos on facebook but I wanted to share 3. The last one is of me getting ready to cut the cake that Laura made. I've got both fists read to cut.

Don't I look enthused in both? I take the worst pictures.


  1. Two fisted cake cutting rocks!!! HAHAHAHAA!

    As usual...SO MUCH FUN hanging out with you, Brutus and Miley (crazy tongue girl!). What a BLAST this weekend was!!! to organize our eleventy bajillion pics into something that makes sense!!!!

    Laura (S-Dog's Mom)

  2. It was great seeing you, Brutus and Miley!!

    Such a great day and it was so much fun :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  3. Pugs must be the most gregarious bunch! Put that many Frenchies together and I' not sure what might happen (but dealing with it would most certainly involve gas masks!!).

    Brutus & Carmen

  4. Miley and Brutus~
    & Sweet Pugga Momma,

    It was very nice meeting yous!! Funny how yous Momma had da same shows in common wits our Daddy Man!! We's got a kick outs of 'dat!!
    Mommy likes how big and gentle Brutus is!! Super cutes!!

    Lots of Pugs wasn't deres!!

    Sorry if our sister.. not mentioning names or anyting.. >>>IZZY<< Snorts!! was an IzZABrat!!

    She needs her naps and food and 'den some...

    great pictures!!!


    Josie, Anakin Man and IzZY ( I am not IzZAbrat)

  5. Sorry... we's jet lagged... snorts!!

    meant to say... lots of pugs was 'deres wasn't 'ders??? :@)

    hugs again!!
    'da Elgins

  6. PUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are jellos (as the elgins would say).


  7. So great meeting you! We were wishing you could have met Chloe, Zoey, Rosie, Marty and Kiki!!! They had to be satisfied with random Pug hairs from y'all!

  8. We are giving you the Doggy Blogger Award for being such an awesome pug blogger. Cheers!

  9. Hi guys! So glad we were able to meet up - maybe next time we can even have a chat!! :) Haha, I am such a dough head...

  10. oh my gosh!

    i got goosebumps seeing all of you together!

    emmitt and i so wish we could have come too!

    love you all!

    m & e

  11. Hey Aunt Stacy! About time I got to hang with Brutus and Miley. Miley's tongue was so cute I just wanted to lick it...hehe. It was fun hanging out with you guys - we wish you could make it to more meet-ups. LOVE the fist cutting cake picture! I like a woman on a mission! BOL! I hope we see you in November!
    - Apollo

  12. Hello Stacy,

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you so much for your kind words regarding our little Miss Skippy Wu. I haven't been on blogger for two months, I am back now and I wanted you to know your words meant a lot. Thank you. Have a wonderful day. Joan

  13. So many pugs, so little space! It's a critical mas of pugulous pulchritude, too much of a pugness! CUTE OVERLOAD!
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