Monday, August 30, 2010


About a year ago not only did Sammy (Scrappy) start showing up but this other tabby colored kitty stated coming around. He would come around at times and then disappear aper so I figured that he belonged to someone in the neighborhood. Over the winter I let him stay in the garage at times but I don't need another cat!

About 3 months ago he showed up with ear mites and looked terrible so I finally took him to the vet. It was clear no one was taking care of him. He looked terrible. Luckily he didn't have any diseases. I got him fixed or took away his manhood. Since then he hasn't been in any neighborhood fights and seems much happier. I decided to name him Fred.

For the record Lilly hated him :)

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  1. Stacy, honey......okay, fine, it's a CAT but that wuz still real nice o' you tuh fix him up.

    I'm sure that ol' boy is real happy now - even without his whatnots.


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