Sunday, June 13, 2010

The basics

We've been asked by Miss Pearl to do a survey.....


1.) Name and Age:
Brutus, 9 years old
Miley 2 years old

2.) Breed: Pug

3.) Nickname(s):
Brutus- old man, bruty, brudabaker, punkin bread, big boy, franks and beans
Miley – little sister, baby girl, red beans a rice, little monster,

4.) Where'd ya come from?
Brutus- KPR, he was adopted by a couple who had him for 3 years, then the husband developed allergies, so they gave him to the in laws who put him outside in KY. After 3 years he was surrendered.

Miley – KPR a foster “failure” as I was her foster mom. She had been in two homes prior to coming to me. The lady that surrendered her did so because she was too energetic and “bit” children. I had her for 8 months and had seen so much progress with her and decided I wanted to keep her. She fit right in with the family.


1.) Toy:
Brutus- stuffies particulary his brown and blue bear
Miley – stuffies particulary anything that squeaks

2.) Snack:
Brutus- everything! But also digo raw hides and anything chewy
Miley – anything her big brother is eating, digo raw hides, peanut butter!

3.) Human person: Me.


1.) Worst habit:
Brutus – not wanting to go for a walk and laying down for a belly rub when I am trying to harness him.
Miley – licking Brutus butt! When we come in from a walk she will lick his butt. Gross!

2.) Most embarrassing moment:
Brutus – taking a #2 right in the middle of the Rural King store
Miley – when she runs away because she’s afraid from people who just want to pet her

3.) Family dynamic (this is a question for those of you with more than one animal in the house. i.e. who is alpha? who is the cuddler? who is the naughty one? etc. I just want to know how you fit into the family!)

Brutus is definitely the alpha. He’s also my constant companion inside the house. He has to be with me in any room. Outside he’s a loner and will wander off. Brutus also will eat all of the kibble food off the floor before he starts to eat out of the food bowl. He’s very tidy that way.
Miley is the follower. She’s very needy when it comes to me. She has to be right beside me when inside unless she’s tired. If she is tired she will go into my bedroom and go to sleep on my bed. Miley is always happy and always glad to see other dogs, cats, animals in general. She’s shy with people until she knows them better. She loves the other cats in the house and will lick their heads when they go to head butt her. She is particularly close with George Henry and Sammy.

4.) Your humans' FAVORITE thing about you!:
Brutus – I love that he is so loyal to me and has to be with me all the time. At first I was very irritated by it because I didn’t know what he wanted. Now I realize he just wants to be with me. I love how excited he gets about a car ride. I also love the looks on his face.

Miley – I love her energy. She’s always happy. I can be in the worst mood and she makes me smile. I love it when she sticks her tongue out which is about 90% of the time. I love when she goes up to Brutus or the cats and smells them and gets all excited just because they are there.


  1. It has been lots of fun learning about my Pug Pals!


  2. We love Brutus and Miley!!!!!

    Poor babies....we knew that Miley was "recycled" but had no idea about Brutus! 3 years outside???? That's NO way for a puggy to live! Good thing he's with YOU now and living the life!!!

    S-Dog (and Laura)

  3. I'm loving this game! We've found out so much about all our furiends!!

    Brutus the (traveling) Frenchie

  4. Brutus and Miley - you both are so lucky to have ended up with your Mom! It saddens me to hear about the awful homes you both have had...but now you both are in a great home where you'll live a loving and pampered life. And I'm glad you both make your Mom so happy, because she's a cool person and deserves it. I so love happy endings! :)

  5. Hey friends!

    Thanks so much for doing my quiz. I loved reading your answers!

    It breaks my heart that both of you came from less-than-ideal pasts. But that's just what they are... pasts. And the present, with your sweet momma, is GREAT! You deserve it!!!!


  6. AWWWW!!! So great to know more stuffs 'bout you two!!
    Yous are soooo adorables!! Glad we's friends!!

    Izzy, Josie &
    Anakin Man (I's poops a lot too)

  7. Taking a dump in the middle of Rural King! GAHAHAHA!!!!

    And Hank lays down for belly rubs, too, when he doesn't want to do something. Must be a pug thing!


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