Monday, March 29, 2010

Flat Puglet campus visit

Flat Puglet went with me to work a few days last week. I teach athletic training at Ball State University.

First up he made the rounds in our department offices.

Flat Puglet helped me out with some research. Here is he helping me get the evaluation room ready.

Flat Puglet also was able to get some rest in a dog bed which is used by a co workers service dog.

Flat puglet was able to get some lovin from Chris, a doctoral student.

Here Flat Puglet is hanging out at Don's desk. He he, Don didn't know we took this picture. Hi Don.

Next Flat Puglet was able to go on campus and do some touring.

He visited the Athletic Training Lab where he participated in a lab on shoulder evaluation.

He was a hit with the ladies!

He then went to hang with Garfield. The creator of Garfield Jim Davis is from the local area and still resides here.

Up next Flat Puglet sat in on a lecture about health insurance.

Lastly, he checked out the David Letterman Communications building. Did you know David Letterman went to Ball State Univ?

We hope Flat Pugllet had an education yet fun time with us.


  1. FP sure looked like he had fun...he even got to sleep on the job. We really like the Garfield pictures, lucky pug meeting a celeb like him!


  2. Geez, Flat Puglet got the royal treatment! We couldn't take him out too much around here because it's too windy and he'd fly away.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  3. Good to see Flat Puglett is getting an education while she's out there! He's just so darn photogenic.... That is one ENORMOUS Garfield there! Ball State looks like a cool place!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  4. As long as he's going on college visits, he should come join me at IU. :)

    Great to see the friendly welcome he got.

  5. WOW, Stacey, honey! Whutta GREAT tour FP got!

    My cousin (mom's niece) goes tuh BSU. Good thing FP didn't visit the house she shares with 3 other girls. FP prolly woulda got lost in that pig pen!

    Good job gettin' him some education, honey!


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