Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cassidy and Miley

Anyone want a little sister?

Stacy here. The Child you see with Miley here is Cassidy.

When I first started fostering Miley she was very different. One of the ways was around children. Miley loves kids but was never really taught how to act around them. She jumps on them, runs up to them, play bites, etc.

One little girl in the neighborhood Cassidy was "bit" by Miley. It was a play bite but it did break the skin and hurt her. So after that I was very careful with Miley around the neighborhood kids. Cassidy and her parents were very good about the bite. So in time, Miley got a little better around children and Cassidy became more involved with Miley. What has happened over time is that now when Cassidy sees us outside, she comes out and helps me by walking Miley. Miley loves it! I have worked with Cassidy to be sure to be the pack leader for Miley and Miley for the most part is very submissive to Cassidy. What this last picture is of, is Miley sitting on Cassidys command. I am so proud of both of them. Cassidy was bit by this dog, yet she over time bonded with Miley. To me, this picture epitomizes the fact that no one really believed that Miley could be a good girl. She had 2 homes before coming to us. She just needed someone to work with her and believe in her.

Cassidy was out today and walked with Miley. This hadn't happened since October or so since it was cold. Miley is coming up on her 1 year anny with us. She's been a handful but I sure have enjoyed having the little girl around.

This last picture is of Cassidy telling Miley to sit.


  1. That last pikh is absolutely precious!

    Mom doesn't know if my other people had little humans or not BUT evFURRYtime I see some, I have to go chekhk 'em out SO she thinks I must have had some -

    We applaud woo fur teaching both the khanine and the little human!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Awww, we thinks every child deserves a pug. That last picture is precious. Thanks for sharing.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  3. That is GREAT to see, Stacy!

    I'm so glad Cassidy has given dogs another chance, and that you have been instrumental in that.

    That last pic speaks volumes for all of you!

    Hugs -


  4. Oh that is awesome! Way to go all three of you, especially you, Stacy, for all the work you put in and the perseverance. What a happy ending!

  5. that is awesome! Clementine is terrified of children - she barks at them and if they get too close to her, she'll lung and try to bite at them. I haven't really had a way to work with her on this, since I don't really know any children, but lately our neighbors have been letting their 4 year old son play with them a little bit more and I hope that over time she'll get like Miley and be more and more comfortable with the little people.
    Awesome job! That's a big accomplishment for a rescue dog and owner!


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