Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good news /bad news

Bones, Miley and George Henry

Hi all, Stacy here. I am happy to report that Bones is coming home on Friday. I had posted about his radioactivity. Well actually he's got hyperthyroidism. He's made it through the treatment, radioactive iodine. I took him in last Tuesday, he had to prove he would eat and etc. He was then given the shot last Thursday, and has been in isolation since then. Isolation means a room, lined with lead, in a cage, where someone comes in 2x a day to check on him, food, water, litter, etc. I'm very excited to get and get him.

On a sad note, Gadget from Urban Pug has passed. I'm really sorry to hear this. Back before I was a dog mom one of the blogs I would read was about Gadget. :(


  1. Glad to hear that Bones is going to be OK!! I'm sure he'll be so happy to be back home with his family!
    We never met Gadget, but are sad to hear that yet another DWBlogger has crossed the rainbow bridge. Just WAY too much of that in the last week. I've lost count of how many furiends we've lost!! We'll head over to Urban Pug and pay our respects.

    Michelle & Brutus

  2. We're happy Bones is comin' back home. Oh, it breaks our heart to hear a Puggie has crossed the rainbow bridge. Every time I see a gray hair pop out on Stella and Gunther's chin I cringe. I'm going to give my best to Urban Pug.

    Shannon and the Gang

  3. I'm glad to hear about Bones, but sad to hear about Gadget. There have been a lot of deaths (human and fur) lately. My Mommy normally loves flowers, but she's sent so many sympathy flowers lately that it has her sick of flowers right now.

  4. Glad to hear things went well for Bones!


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