Monday, August 31, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

WK-9 tax form

The picture may not work all that well but check out a larger version here.

I am especially appreciative of the extra money recieved when walking a pet when the temp is below 32degrees.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Miley update

Went by to see Miley this afternoon. She looks great and was very excited to see me. Dr. Grasso is testing her for leptospirosis. He says she should be able to go home tomorrow afternoon. She has been eating and kept everything down. He wants to do another blood test maybe early next week just to make sure she is back to normal. He is not sure what caused her liver enzymes to be so high. We are waiting on the lepto... test and go from there.

On a site note Brutus demanded that I put some pictures of him up on here. He is doing great by the way. He is enjoying being the "only child" for lack of a better term.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update on Miley

Dropped off Miley at the vet. Although she was feeling better and kept her dinner and breakfast down, her liver enzymes were 200x higher than normal and has an elevated blood count. She is on IV fluids and some antibiotics. Should be able to come home on Tuesday. Poor girl.

They are not sure what caused this. Could be a couple of different things. Should know more tomorrow.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Miley had an exiting Sat morning

These pics are from the other day when Miley was sleeping.

Miley got sick in the middle of the night. She was panting so I thougth she needed to go potty. She ended up puking 4 times and then going lethargic. After she got done puking she literally laid down and went limp. I called the vet and he said monitor and he'd call in the morning. I put her in bed with me and she was restless the entire night. She would lay in bed but then move or get up and move and then lay back down. It was as if she just couldn't get comefortable. I took her in to the vet at 11am.

X rays were normal. Mileys temp was about 2 degrees below normal and her abdomen was a little distended. Dr. Grasso gave her a shot of antibiotics, a shot to help with her tummy and is running blood work.

So far this afternoon she's been laying on the lounge chair asleep/resting. She is getting better over time. We are not sure what was/is wrong.

Hope everyone else is having a less dramatic Saturday!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mom cried during District 9 HAHHAHAA

Mom is such a baby. She cried during District 9.

It took her a day or two to realize why she got so upset, but for her the small prawn (the child) in the film.....reminded her of Miley.

Not in how they look obviously, but how cute Christophers little son was.

HAHAHHAHA Mom is so silly.

She really enjoyed the movie.

She looked for a while to find a pic of the little guy but couldn't. This is Christopher.

Here is Miley.

Happy Tattletale Tues!

Thoughts about the MV 60 minutes interview

He didn't seem sincere. I didn't see him as a person. He was too cold.

Everytime he was asked about the dog fighting or the effect he would answer as to how it would effect him or his friends/family.

He didn't get disgusted with himself until he was in prison. A sign that he thought this behavior was ok.

I didn't think the interviewer asked tough enough questions. Why did you do it? How could you torture those animals?

Oh if the picture above pic were true.

My vet has this pic up in his office.

Lastly, here is a press conference from Brewster regarding MV.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick

I have been struggling some with the whole Michael Vick (MV) thing for a few reasons.

1. There will never be "justice" for those dogs. What could you do to MV? Some say kill him. That would still not get justice. It would send a heck of a message though.

2. Technically speaking of course, he did play his debt. He served his time and has also publicly apologized many times. Now don't get all mad at me, I know he hasn't paid his debt to those dogs but you know what I mean.

3. He has apologized. He has at least apologized. I know that doesn't mean much to the dogs that were harmed/killed/tortured but his apology does mean something. Some people do evil things and never apologize.

Mom listens to Howard Stern and he has discussed MV a few times. Most recently this week. MV is going to be on this weeks edition of 60 minutes. Howard called him a scum bag and said he's just trying to improve his image. Then a discussion occurred. Should any NFL teams hire him after what he's done. Howard said no, Robin said he has a right to earn a living. Howard said then he can go drive a bus. More discussion but what was funny was Howard asked Robin, if you had a pro team would you hire him? Robin responded "HELL NO"

What I am struggling with is this; Does he deserve a chance to change or should I continue to wish he had the same torture done to him that he inflicted on the dogs?

I just don't know. Sometimes people deserve a second chance? Sometimes people don't. I don't have the answer but it's really gotten me thinking lately. It should be interesting after MV is on 60 minutes. Honestly I don't know if I want to watch. This will more than likely humanize Michael Vick and I am not sure I want to see him as human. To me he is a monster.

I am closing with a picture of a Pit Bull Momma and her pups. A happy picture.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wordfull Wed

Some things have gone on lately. Wanted to post.

We did pug sit Harley. He is such a great dog. We enjoyed having him. All of the kitties were fine with him too. He fit right in!

One funny thing though. Harley is a very loud breather and makes various noises. I don't mind it as it's just regular background noise. Miley had never met Harley though and when she first met him and he did his breathing thing, she thought he was growling. The hair on the back of her hide stood up all the way down her back. She was just looking at him trying to figure out what he was doing. It didn't take her long to realize Harley was harmless.

All of the cats are good but the outdoor kitteh IJ (above) was pretty sick right before I left to go to IL. The first day I realize it when he was standing on the kitchen table eating and he leaned back and sneezed and snot went everywhere. I've had cats my entire life and had never seen anything like that. The next morning he was even worse with the coughing and sneezing and also had a swollen face. Our vet is so great. He worked us in on a Sat and gave him a antibiotic shot. He was better the next day as far as the face swelling. When I got home from IL he was looking great but still sneezing some. He gets better every day.

My good friend (boyfriend?) Mark came to visit and finally met Brutus. I was excited for him to see Brutus, George Henry and Miley. No pics from all of that as I was so nervous (for no reason) I just didn't take any pictures.

The visit home to IL was good. I had some good time with my Mom and Dad individually and together. I even went to one of the Dr visits with my Dad. My Dad has pulmonary fibrosis and is on oxygen. On top of that he's got something wrong with his vocal cords.

I boarded Miley while I was in IL. When I went to pick her up I really thought she was going to explode from excitement. I was relived because I've only boarded her with Brutus and not by herself.

I took Brutus with me to IL. Miley is just too active and michevious for my parents house. Brutus fits right in. It's so funny because he follows my Mom around. It was also good bonding time for Brutus and I. Miley is fun to have around but it's all about her because of her youth and energy level. Brutus was way more active and entergentic when we were in IL than he is here. If the poor guy does anything at all Miley thinks he wants to play and just harasses him. She just loves him and he just wants none of it. I feel bad for both of them. Brutus has done a great job of tolerating her energy. She so needs a playmate. We've had one family interested but they got cold feet. I pray she finds her forever home soon. She's been with us almost 5 months. The longer she stays the harder it is for her and for me to let her go. Part of me wants to keep her because she's an excellent dog. The timing just isn't right. She just doesn't fit in with our family long term due to almost everyone else being geriatric. It would be years before I could get her a playmate and by then she will be a senior!

We missed the KPR 500 Festival. We were driving back from IL that day. We've missed the last two that were close and went to the ones in KY. So our goal now is to make the next one in IN.

We have been reading all of the blogs just not commenting. We were happy to hear Walter is better and got his care package. Loved all of the pics from the KPR festival especially the one of Minnie Pearl. We agree with Pearls mom in that it is too hot move.

End with some cute pics of Harley.