Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday parties and decorations

Sorry I've not been posting on everyones blogs. I've been reading but .........

I had our Athletic Training Club party here last week and also found out a pretty close friend has terminal cancer. I get very stressed out when I have people visit the house. So I had to make sure everything was clean. I get paranoid about having all of these animals and making sure the house ....anyway.

Brutus and Miley loved the visitors. Miley was very timid and worn out for about a day after. It was so funny. Everyone was out of the house by about 10:30pm. So I was cleaning up and couldn't find her. I went into my bedroom and she was in her crate. She was so tired. I don't think she's ever been around that many people.

Here is a group picture. Notice Brutus in the bottom left. We tried to get Miley but she was just too freaked out to stay still.

Here is Brutus during the party

I decorated a few weeks ago and here are some pictures of the kittehs getting into the holiday spirit.


  1. Sorry about your furiend...

    All of us (and our hoooomans) understand being busy gets in the way of the blogging...

    We keep reminding ourselves it is fur fun !

    Tank woo fur sharing the howliday pikhs! Brutus looked like a furry nice host!


  2. Stacy, I'm really sorry to hear about your friend.

    I am the same way when friends visit- paranoid about cleaning. I just never want to be THAT house where you leave wearing a fur coat of Pearl.

    The house looked great, and I'm glad all went well!

  3. Stacy, honey....we're sorry tuh hear about yer friend. :(

    Glad ya had a nice party, though!

  4. Very, very sorry to hear about your friend, Stacy...

    Your house looks great...loved the last photo with the cat all tangled up in the garland!


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