Saturday, October 3, 2009

No Addisons!

Found out a while ago Miley does not have Addisons. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and well wishes.

We also wanted to thank everyone for their kind words about Koko. My Dad is doing really good about the loss.

I've been bad about posting and commenting. My new goal is to try to post/comment a couple of times a week. I just can't do it every day.

Things here have been pretty good. I am seriously considering adopting Miley. She's been with us since March. I am very attached and I even think Brutus is use to her. I also had a friend tell me she's good for me in that she distracts me from work sometimes. I do have to say that sometimes when I take myself or life too seriously she reminds me that we should all live in the moment. She definitely lives in the moment. I have been holding out hope that a family or couple with another dog would adopt her. No such luck. Maybe there is a bigger plan.

What I struggle with is having all of these animials. I don't know. Also if I adopt her no way can I foster. I am barely making it with 2 dogs.

On a lighter note, the pugs have really enjoyed this cool weather. I have too!



    Turn on the dryer!

    SERIOUSLY, paws khrossed fur Miley! If she's a good fit, why not?

    Perhaps the bigger plan is that she is HOME already!


  2. Stacey....Sarah, here. I COMPLETELY relate to what you're saying. We've adopted Molly but have felt kind of bad about not being able to foster any more. (With Becca being completely blind now [and almost 13!], I'm at my limit.) My reason for adopting Molly was that she took to us immediately, and I didn't want to uproot her (once again) - especially at her age (12).

    For what it's worth, I think you'd be doing Miley (and yourself!) a favor by letting her stay where she's happy. There are different ways you can help other animals (donate $; donate time volunteering for rescue/shelter events, etc.).

    Anway, just wanted you to know you're not alone! :)

  3. Well my goal is to be foster Mom when we move into a house. Its great that you are fostering. I heard its hard not to adpot your fosters and maybe she is really a good fit with you rather than with anyone else. You can foster again but for now maybe being a Pug Momma to her is the best thing. We like her if that counts!

  4. Hi Stacy! I'm so happy to hear about the Addison's (or lack thereof).
    I know you'll do what's right for you and Miley, whatever that might be. I agree that they are somewhat therapeutic. There are days where I just CAN'T be sad because Pearl is such a goofball.
    I have never been able to foster, but have found volunteering with the rescue in other ways to be very rewarding. Whatever you decide, you are doing great things for miss Miley!

  5. We all have different paths in life. Maybe with the arrival of Miley you path as a foster parent was changed. They say things happened for a reason. Maybe Miley is already where she's supposed to be. You don't have to be a foster parent to help out. There are so many other ways to be of service to the rescues. We know you'll make the decision that's best for all of you.

    Jess & Lilo

  6. Oh, what a great crew you have living at your house! You are so wonderful to foster and fall in love with those pugs...and kitties. I'm sorry to hear about Koko...what a pretty girl! Thank you so much for your sweet comments about our little Sugar. I miss her so much...but will always smile with memories of her. They are all so special in their own unique ways.

  7. hi stacy!
    oh i am so glad to hear that miley is doing so well! i love all of your photos!

    m & e


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