Sunday, September 20, 2009


Mom's Horse Koko had to be put down on Wed Sept 16th. Technically she was Moms horse but her Dad actually took care of her.

Koko was 36 years old. She had a parter Goldie who died about 10 years ago. Koko was like Moms "big sister" in that Koko was in the family before Mom was born. Grandpa had gotten Koko when she was just 18 months old.

Luckily she got sick and had neurological problems for only about a week. The vet said she woudln't get better and was in some pain. Grandpa didn't want her to suffer. She was put down and then later that day Grandpa and some friends got a backhoe and buried her in the pasture. She was buried with her favorite treat that Grandpa would bring her every day, two banannas.

I got to meet Koko once when Mom took me out in the hills. Koko almost punted me like a football. Not on purpose of course.

We'll miss you old gal. We hope you are up there with Goldie eating grass, frolicing around and getting lots and lots of banannas.


  1. It sounds like Koko had a wonderful life. 36 years! Amazing. She must have been very well cared for to be so healthy to that age. Our thoughts are with your mom today, make sure to give her lots of extra kisses to make her feel better!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  2. Koko had a nice long and what sounds like a very happy life! Kisses to mom and your grandpa ok?

    Ok...we have one question...did she eat the bananas with the peel on them, or did someone have to peel them for her? Just curious. We wonder about dumb stuff like this.

    S-Dog (and mom)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Koko. What a pretty girl! Sounds like she lived out a long and happy life.

  4. Sorry to read about Koko's khrossing but now it means The Rainbow Bridge has another horsie in the pasture!


  5. Wow - 36 years! If only we could get that much time with all of our precious pets. I know your mom is aching though for her long-time sister, so tell her we are thinking about her today.

  6. Sorry to hear about Koko she looked like a great horse.

    Oh yeah I almost got punted by a horse once too don't worry about it.


  7. Stacey, honey.....she was a beauty.

    We're thinking of you -

    Hank, Becca, Molly and mom

  8. I had no idea horses even lived that long! Wow! Loss is always hard, even when loved ones lived a long and happy life. ((hugs)) You'll be in my prayers.

  9. We are sorry for your loss. Koko was very beautiful and we are sure she was a very kind and smart horse. Mom cried a lot when her horses died, specially the last one she had, who was more like a doggie for her.


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