Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thoughts about the MV 60 minutes interview

He didn't seem sincere. I didn't see him as a person. He was too cold.

Everytime he was asked about the dog fighting or the effect he would answer as to how it would effect him or his friends/family.

He didn't get disgusted with himself until he was in prison. A sign that he thought this behavior was ok.

I didn't think the interviewer asked tough enough questions. Why did you do it? How could you torture those animals?

Oh if the picture above pic were true.

My vet has this pic up in his office.

Lastly, here is a press conference from Brewster regarding MV.



    We did not watch bekhause we had seen enough during the promos to know he still doesn't get it - plus Mom saw it as our sign to go fur MY WALK!!!

    And we think he nevfur will...

    His choice of words still khonvey he's not ready to admit what he did was WRONG...

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  2. Love your post and the graphics & comic. funny and true!

  3. He is and will always be a monster - how could anyone EVER watch dogs fighting - way too violent - if anyone enjoys that they are disturbed!!


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