Monday, August 24, 2009

Miley update

Went by to see Miley this afternoon. She looks great and was very excited to see me. Dr. Grasso is testing her for leptospirosis. He says she should be able to go home tomorrow afternoon. She has been eating and kept everything down. He wants to do another blood test maybe early next week just to make sure she is back to normal. He is not sure what caused her liver enzymes to be so high. We are waiting on the lepto... test and go from there.

On a site note Brutus demanded that I put some pictures of him up on here. He is doing great by the way. He is enjoying being the "only child" for lack of a better term.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Glad she is doing better - I guess Brutus liked the short vacation.

  2. Glad to hear that Miley is doing better. Brutus is such a sweetie. :)

  3. So happy to hear Miley is on the mend. We hope she gts to come home tomorrow!! Give her adn Brutus lots of kisses for us!!

    Lilo & Mom

  4. Glad that Miley is feeling better!
    Brutus is a cutie pie! We miss you guys!
    Pug hugs and kisses!
    The Pug Posse

  5. Hooray for Miley! And Brutus is a total cutie!!!

  6. I am so glad Miley is doing ok! I know she'll be happy to be back home with you and Brutus!

    HI Brutus! Love the cute pics of ya!

  7. Good news on Miley! Yes, we Brutus's can be pretty demanding :) Only want what's due to our fabulous selves though, right??

    Brutus the Frenchie

  8. yay! that is great news!
    hug brutus and miley for me!

  9. Good to hear that Miley is better. Brutus better get all the attention he can until Miley comes home . . .

  10. Stacey, I'm REAL glad to hear Miley is doin' better! BUT.....I'm with Brutus. Nothin' quite like gettin' a break from yer sister.


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