Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer08 then 09 pics

I wanted my Mom to see my flowers and also track the progress of them since last year so I took some pictures.

These are set up so that you see last summer then this summer. All sunflowers are considered volunteer in that I didn't plant them. The second summer I lived in the house I planted sunflowers and have never had any problems growing them since.

Summer 08

Last summer - This pic is a different angle than the one below but still the same area.

I didn't water the blackeyed susans so they aren't as full as last year. They are at the bottom right corner of the pic. Those coneflowers are almost as tall as I am!

Last Summer

Last summer too.

This summer. Notice my yellow coreopsis bush/plant? I didn't water the purple and it didn't grow much. I've been watering the last few days.

Side view of the garden. I didn't water and the white coneflowers didn't get very big at all this year.

Side view this year.

Front view last summer

Front view now

Side of the shed last year when I had ONE blackeyed susan plant.

Side view now with my 4 black eyes susans (3 of which I didn't plant, they are volunteers)

Last year.

This year with a different angle.

Last year.

Another last year pic

This year

Last year

This year. Notice the white coneflowers didn't grow much. You can barely see them. They needed water. The two big plants you see are volunteer catnip plants.


  1. Hi Brutus & Stacy!
    Your flowers look beautiful! It's always fun to look at comparison pictures and see how things turn up as "volunteers"!
    Thanks for sharing your Miley memories too - she sounds like such a character!

  2. What a khool post!

    Tank woo fur sharing last year and this year's beaWOOtiful flowers!


  3. Your flowers are awesome! I am so jealous!

  4. I think it looks great. Want to come over to my house and take care of my plants? I keep killing them! I need REALLY drought resistant plants.


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