Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hi all, I have been reading but not commenting. I am hoping to catch up on all of that today/tomorrow. Some very exciting stuff going on out there!

Mom here and I wanted to post about Miley. She is so cute and has made some wonderful progress. Really she wasn't that bad but she has calmed down some. Mainly me keeping the edge off her energy with to 3-4 walks a day even in HOT weather. I think at her other home she barked when someone was outside and she's done some of that here but a squirt with a watter bottle gets her to stop. She gets this look on her face like, "oh I guess you want me to stop doing that." Sometimes though, a girl just has to get a little rilled up.

She gets the concept of things she should and shouldn't do and for the most part tries to please. No more incidents with poop and today like she's done since that incident she started to eat some and I told her no and she took a bite but ran from it to catch up with us walking. She knows the word NO. She is almost always busy, which is why I think she would be happier in a different environment. She is not miserable here but she would do better in a more stimulating environment. The little Bichon Freese Oscar she played with some disappeared a few weeks ago. The owners were letting him run the neighborhood. Myself and another neighbor were feeding him and then letting him in his house at night. None of us know what happened to him. I like to think that someone saw that his owners weren't taking proper care and either they, or friends of theirs picked him up and is now taking care of him. So Miley did lose one playmate.

Lately she's done of a few things that are exceptionally cute.
First she has really started to try to play with George Henry our kitty. She will follow him and sniff him and squat in front of him trying to get him to chase her. Today she licked him on the face. George Henry just continued his head butt to her.

Second there is a neighborhood kitten that follows us some when we walk over by it's house. Not sure of it's name. Miley also tries to play with the kitten. At first the kitten was a little taken back by it. Now the kitten greets Miley with a head butt.

Third, Miley has started letting me give her belly rubs. She will finally flip over! I have tried numerous times and she ends up standing up. This little girl has some serious trust issues with humans. She likes Dogs, cats, other animals better than people. It's not that she doesn't like people she just will not let strangers pet her. She will walk up to them and lick them but when they try to pet, she shuffles away. She is getting better though with people she sees a lot like some of the neighborhood kids. Yesterday she went right up to one of then and let him pet her without any running away or lowering the head.

Anyway, I just wanted to post about her. She's turning 2 this month and has been with us almost 5 months. I have enjoyed her and wanted to post some memories about her so I don't forget.


  1. Stacey, honey.....sounds like you've done a bang-up job o' raisin' her. She's just a kid, besides. Once she gets few more years on her she'll mellow out.

    Glad to hear the poop incident hasn't repeated itself!

  2. Well, we Sibes take some years to khalm down...maybe pugs are the same ;-)

    Sorry about the BF disappearing but paws khrossed someone responsible has him...letting a dog run loose in the neighbourhood? Grrrrrrrr


  3. hi stacy and brutus!
    oh miley is so lucky to be staying with you! she is learning so much from all of your love and care!
    it takes a very special heart to do what you do! you are our heros!
    m & e

  4. Hi Stacy! I am so happy to see this update on Miss Miley. I just knew she would calm down after sh elearned to trust you. She has come so far, and I know she'll continue to improve.

    I hope she finds a furrever home soon!

    YAY Miley!

  5. You've done such a good job with her Stacy!! She'll be a perfect puggy for her forever home when it finally comes!!

  6. yayyy Miley!!! great job Stacy. I didn't realize you had her for so long. She looks so exhausted on that picture!

  7. Geh. She is so durned cute. I know I keep saying this, and it doesn't help anything, but I really wish we were closer (and that my husband was more open to the idea...) because she'd be mine in a heartbeat.
    Oh well, I know someone else will come along and see what a wonderful little girl she is and scoop her right up.


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