Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Brutus and short hiatus

Hi all, Stacy here. Brutus turns 9 in a few days. I just took him for his yearly check up and everything is going good. He has really started to get white around the face lately.

I need to take a break from blogging/posting for a bit. I will still be reading everything through google reader. I just can't keep up with the posting and commenting. I only have a few weeks of vacation left and I am no where near in the place I need to be writing wise and I am freaking out. I am heading into my 5th year of the tenure track position (6th year is crucial) and am in OK shape but I had hoped to have had 3 articles written over the summer. I am not even close.

My Dad is in the hospital again. He's been sick and in and out since January. First lung issues, now nosebleeds and blood loss. I'm too distracted with his situation.

I feel pressure to comment and post about the pugs but most of the time don't know what to say. They I get frustrated that we are not commenting and I don't want to look rude. Don't get me wrong I know our blog is not all that and that we are not "so important", I just wanted to explain why I won't be posting or commenting for a while.

I will post if something big happens like Miley gets adopted or anything of that nature.




  1. I will keep your Dad in my thoughts/prayers and I hope the rest of your vacation is enjoyable. Have a wonderful summer and don't worry about it. We all take blogging breaks, I think it's normal. :) **HUG**

  2. Stacy!!!!!! You family and work have to come first. Don't feel bad if you can't comment. At least you can see read and take your mind off of things. Do what you need to do and know that we will all be here when you get back!!!!

  3. Stacy, I will be keeping your dad in my prayers. I'm sorry you have so much going on right now! Your blog IS "so important"... we care about you guys! Take all the time you need. Things will settle down. Give Brutus and Miley a big hug for me! And hug yourself for me too! :)

  4. Remember - The blog is only for fun - you must take care of your family first. Just remember we are all "out" here if you ever want to pop online and say hello or need some cyber support. I will be thinking good thoughts for your dad and Happy Birthday Brutus!! :)

  5. Rosie pawed it khorrekhtly: this is SUPPOSED to be FUN!

    Happy Birthday to Brutus!

    Paws khrossed fur your dad!

    Paws khrossed fur you to get what you need khompleted! Hasn't Brutus ofFURed to lend a paw!


  6. hi stacy and brutus!

    big happy birthday hugs to brutus!

    no worries stacy! i totally understand.

    we are always here for you guys!

    have fun and we are thinking of you and your dad.

    m & e

  7. Happy Birthday to Brutus.

    Hope your Dad gets better...will keep him in our prayers.

    How can any blog about a pug named Brutus not be important. That being said, this is for fun and you need to take care of yourself first!!

  8. Brutus, buddy! Happy b-day, ol' pal!

    Stacy, just do whut you gotta do, and all o' us will be here when yer ready to jump back in.

    See ya at meetup some time!

  9. First, Happy Birthday to Brutus! Second, Stacy, we are here for moral support and friendship. We will not judge you for not posting or commenting. I have been so busy getting ready for my tests and revamping the spare bedroom I haven't been able to read much or comment. Just know we will send your dad our healing thoughts and you our writing vibes, so you can kick your writing into hight gear.
    We'll miss you and we look forward to your return.

    Roxy's mom

  10. I know how you feel. I feel like I've taken an unintentional hiatus from blogging this summer - really only posting Foodie Fridays because I don't have to do much to get them up. It's a hard time for me to update - summers are so busy and it sounds like you have lots of very important stuff going on.
    We will miss you, but we definitely understand. Good luck on the papers and your dad is in our prayers.


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