Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remember me?

In honor (sarcasm) of it being so hot and humid, here is pic of me in cooler weather which I happen to enjoy.

We will catch up this weekend with posts!

We hope everyone who can participate has a great take your Doggie to work Day tomorrow! Can't wait to see the pics and hear the stories.

Mom traveled to 2 conferences (San Antonio TX and then Las Vegas) and left us at the Doggie Day Care When she picked us up today we were so excited to see her. I ran incircles. Then we got home, ate and crashed. Even Miley slept! Somehow the cats were able to stay in the house? I don't understand that at all. I mean they pee and poop IN the house?

Both of us had gastrointestinal problems while we were boarded. Sorry, no pics....bummer I know. Mom thinks it was due to stress of not being home. Sandi and her folks were so worried they took us to the vet on Monday! Our spirits were fine but we were having "issues." Mom was very grateful but she did feel bad for us.

Mom missed reading your blogs! She was only able to read about 3 times this week!


  1. Poor Brutus!! It's no fun to have an upset tummy!! Hope you feel better. Happy Friday!!

  2. Hi Of course we remember youuu!!! We also missed you but we knew your mom was busy and out of town. I hope your tummies are feeling better. Hugs for you and kisses for Miley!

  3. Brutus, buddy.....I like yer labels fer this post: poop and sleep. Sounds like MY life.

    But I did go to work today. Check it out!

  4. Hi Brutus! I've missed you! My tummy gets messy when I am not at home too.

  5. Hi Brutus & Miley!
    We didn't get to go to work with mom. Mom would worry to much about the destruction I would cause. lol



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