Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Odd and ends

Hi all. Brutus here. Lots of stuff has happened lately.

Mom got a new car because of a deal she got. She didn't really want a new car but the deal was too good to pass up. She wanted another white car but the only white on there didn't have Sirius XM radio. So instead she went with the sage/tan color.

She has the new Sync So basically she programs her phone into the car and says Phone and then call blah blah and the phone works through the car on voice command. I could care less as long as she lets me ride in the car.

Mom took a Transindental Meditation class. She has heard Howard Stern talk about his benefits from meditation. Mom has serious anxiety issues (that's a whole other post). She emailed the TM center and was lucky enough to have a certified TM teacher right here in Muncie! And she was able to get in a class less than a week later! She took the class with 2 other people. She really enjoyed it.

We did miss going to see everyone at the The Pug Posses on Sat. Miley had been having some tummy probs and that afternoon when Mom took her to the vet. She also had a flea on her. So when they got back all of us got our flea meds. Oh joy. Since Miley has been on the antibiotics she's been better.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. We're glad to hear that Miley is better...we MISSED you on Saturday!!! There was ANOTHER BRUTUS there!!! Can you believe it???

    Is your mom going to take all of us Puggies joyriding in the new PugMobile at the next meetup??? SWEET!!! ;-)

    See you soon!


  2. Love the new car! Looks like PLENTY of room for you and Miley!

    Glad to hear that your Momma enjoyed the meditation class!

  3. That looks like a handsome car. The color is nice as well. We are glad Miley is feeling better.


  4. Brutus, buddy....that's a sweet ride ya got there.

    My mom likes to meditate sometimes, too. Me, I just grab a PBR and flop on the couch. Does the trick every time.

  5. hi stacy and brutus!
    what a cool car! congratulations!
    mediatation is wonderful. it sounds easy, but it is not! i guess that is why they call it a practice. :)

  6. Nice car. So when do we get to go Pug Ridin'? We missed seeing you and meeting Miley. I hope you're at the next Pug Club!

  7. Gorgeous new car!! And satellite radio is awesome! When I got my Honda Element it came with it for 6 months. I'd love to get it again, but I've been cheaping out.


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