Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Common sense

Thanks to all of you who either read about or thought about Miley getting agressive with Mom. She feels much better about it all. Miley has been fine since. Mom being a first time dog owner, and having such a gem as me, doesn't know how to deal with any agression issues. Once again, I am the perfect child.

We are glad that Roxys Mom wasn't physically hurt by the person that hit her in her car yet didn't even realize it. I will never understand that one.

Here is another story about dumb drivers. This person was painting their nails WHILE driving and hit and killed 56-year-old Anita Zaffke who was riding her motorcycle.

So becareful out there folks. There are people doing their nails and texting while dirving!

That's why I like sometimes to just go for a walk! (note the old brown doors)


  1. we're glad your mom feels better about it. If that's the only agression Miley has shown in all this time, then it was probably just a one time freak accident.
    People are crazy in their cars!! I don't think they realize that their actions affect more than just themselves. People are self-centered. Plain and simple.

  2. Mom was really lucky. The lady doing her nails should be sent to jail for manslaughter. It is amazing how people are in such a rush, they forget the most important things. LOOK and BE careful.

    Thanks for your thoughts.


  3. You sure are right Brutus! Once AGAIN, if only people were as smart as us dogs!!!!!


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