Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cat poop

Stacy here. Does anyone else's Dog get very angry if you try to take it away from eating dog poop? I was just outside with Miley and she was off leash. She got into the yard. She usually is pretty good about coming inside when I want her to. Although I don't let her outside offleash much at all. I was refilling the bird food and couldn't stop her.

Anyway, she lunged at me a couple of times. I went inside to get the leash and tried to attach it. She ran from me with mouth full of cat poop. Went into our yard. I followed and tried to put the leash on. Again, she jumped and lunged at me. I was pretty suprised, scared, angry.

Other than this she's never been aggressive. I am thinking I should do everything with her on leash and don't trust her. This is my 2nd foster that's bit me :(

Is this normal? I'm thinking it was due to wanting to eat the cat poop. It still makes me sad.


  1. Dang, Stacy honey!!! I always knew cats were bad news but had no idea their poop had such powers!

    Now, was this cat poop in your own yard? Maybe you could get some o' that stuff you sprinkle on cat dung to make it taste bad to dogs.

    I'm not a poop eater (I don't like my food recycled), so I'm not much help with this. Hope one o' these bloggers gives ya some good advice.

  2. Hi Stacy! I'm so sorry that Miley tried to bite you. Sometimes with rescues, it's hard to tell what they've been through. If she thought that was food, maybe she has had to be defensive of her food in the past. It's hard to tell.

    Sometimes when Pearl gets something in her mouth that I really don't want her to eat, the only way I can get it from her is to offer her something else. Like if she has a pack of gum in her mouth, I'll say 'do you want a treat?' and we'll go get a treat- then I'll snatch the gum. I know lots of people would think it's bad, since it's like rewarding her bad behavior... but honestly I'd rather bribe her away from it than have her eat something harmful. When she sets her mind on eating something, that's the only thing that works!

    Anyway, don't know if this helped at all!? Give Miley & Brutus my love!

  3. Stacy, I wouldn't be too upset about this. My own dogs have made nasty growling noises at me when I've tried to get something (especially something as tasty as cat poop!!) away from them. They've never tried to bite me, but like Pearl said - you never know what a rescue has been through. Don't take it personally and don't worry too much about it. The whole "want a treat" thing Pearl suggested is also the only thing I can seem to get to work with mine as well....
    good luck!

  4. Cat poop is very tasty stuff. I think she did not want to share. She found the treasure and figured it was all hers to enjoy. I am sorry she bit you - she has not learned that people hate cat poop and that they actually eat fish eggs instead - YUK.
    Loves from pugs,
    Rosie Marie

  5. Dear Stacey, I have not had that problem, but then I have never actually caught Roxy in the act, so I can't say how she would do. I am sorry that Miley got aggressive with you. That is so not what you needed.

    Roxy's Mom

  6. Stacy, Apollo's Mom here:

    I have 3 cats, along with my two dogs. Apollo loved to go after the kitty tootsie rolls. It took some training, but he stopped. I don't know if your cats will eat pineapple or drink the juice...but if they consume just a little bit of it, it will change the chemistry of their poop to give it a bad taste. Once Miley tastes this, it will be so awful she will not want anymore. You only have to do this a couple times, and she'll quickly learn that cat poop tastes bad. Another thing we do anytime Apollo has something in his mouth that we want him to drop, is to offer a training treat. It's like we're teaching him that if he drops on command, he gets rewarded. That way Miley would learn that if she does what you want her to do, she gets a treat. And hopefully after a handful of times, she'll learn that you don't want her to have poop in her mouth.


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