Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shadow RIP

The German Shepherd, Shadow, who was the dog belonging to the family accross the street was hit by a car and passed. This happend Sat night but Mom found out about it today. Shadow must have gotten off her leash and wandered over to the highway. Mom doesn't know anymore details. She put a card in their mailbox.

It's "funny" for lack of a better word, how these things make you realize. Shadow had been accross the street ever since Mom moved into the house four years ago. Since Mom got me she really got to see Shadow more and pet her and etc. Mom keeps food outside for the outside kitties IJ and Onyx and Shadow would always come over and eat the food. Even though she was girl, Shadow had a very loud and deep bark. Mom was a little scared of her at first but since interacting with her more Mom actually liked the bark. Shadow would bark at anything strange. So when we would go out on walks sometimes she would bark at us, especially at night until she realized who we were. Mom thinks her last memory of Shadow was her laying on the porch.

Mom had been excited to have Miley meet Shadow. When the neighbors are outside in the yard or the kids were out, Shadow would be off leash. She was a good girl and would stay in the yard or in the local area. Mom was hoping Miley would get to interact with her a bit.

The other thing that's just odd is that Sat at Pug Posses house there was a german shepherd.

The above picture isn't of Shadow but it's close. She had a red collar and looked similar except her tail was black. Mom hadn't taken any pictures of her. Mom isn't much of a camera person. She's taken more pics in the past year than in her entire life.

We will be taking pics of the neighborhood dogs that I and Miley see when we go for our walks.


  1. I am sorry to hear this sad news. I pray she did not suffer. RIP Shadow.

  2. Oohh, that's awful! Poor Shadow! Peace and Blessings.

  3. I am just heartbroken to hear about Shadow. That is just my worst nightmare for Pearl, or any doggie. They just don't understand how dangerous cars can be.

    So nice of you to leave a card for the family. RIP Shadow, run free pretty girl!

  4. Brutus, buddy, I am real sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sure Shadow was investigatin' somethin' important, so I salute her for goin' down in the line of duty.

    Sorry again, pal.

  5. Aw, poor Shadow and her family must be heart broken. That was very sweet to leave them a card. We'll be thinking about them, and praying for their comfort.

  6. Oh no...we hate hearing this!

    We thought of Baron, the German Shepherd at Pug Posse's house too!!! Weird.

    That was nice of you to give them a card. You're a good hooman!

    Kisses and tummy rubs to Brutus and Miley,

  7. Hi Brutus,
    So sorry to hear about Shadow, that is very sad. :( I am sending hugs out for Shadow's family.
    Love Clover xo


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