Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Food edition

Mom here. What do you feed your pugs?

I have been feeding Nutro but then heard about this article.

Now I am wondering if I should start feeding him something different?

Brutus didn't like Science diet nor did he like Purina Pro plan for seniors. I bought a small bag of the Nutro for seniors and he liked it.

Any suggestions? Planning a trip to PetSmart to get some food?

I so want to go adopt Akita. Remember that cute kitten. He's still at ARF I don't need another cat.

Miley is wearing me down. She is so active. She just drains the attention from me vs. Brutus and the other cats.

Happy Earth day everyone!

Sorry for the double post for those of you on facebook but this picture just makes me laugh. I don't want to eat gifted children but the title just kills me.


  1. Hi Stacy!

    I was feeding Pearl Purina Beneful (which she LOVED), but I just switched her to a wheat-free food I found at Petsmart. She doesn't like it as much, but I had to do it for her allergies. That Nutro article is scary stuff!!!

    Sorry that Miley is wearing you down. I am so glad that she has opened up and become more active in your care, but I know it must be exhausting! I hope she finds a family soon!

  2. Maybe you could start feeding Brutus some Gifted Children? (HAHAHAA)

    That Nutro stuff sounds like bad news. How scary!

    S-Dog eats Eukanuba...since you're taking a poll.

    Hope all is well! Can't wait to see you all again soon!


  3. Wow! That Nutro article was scary! The Posse has never been particularly picky about their food. We are feeding them Pedigree dry food because of the price. Costco has a 52 lb bag of it for $24. Considering they go through it pretty quickly and I really don't want to feed them some generic stuff made in China with melamine, it's a pretty good deal. And some of the money goes towards helping shelter dogs find homes. Just my 2 cents!
    Pug hugs and kisses!
    Vikki and the entire Pug Posse

  4. OMDOG I was eating Nutro for a while and I also had gotten sick. We thought it was nerves from staying at the doggie daycare anf I needed antibiotics - now I wonder. The mommy stopped buying it because she could not get it in the grocery store. She now buys Chef Michaels canine creations by Purina - they are yummy yummy for a pugs tummy or beneful. Actually if you put a piece of turkey on a bowl of dirt I would eat it all up!! BOL Thanks for sharing that article - I would stay far away from Nutro.
    One more comment - Miley and I would be good friends - it sounds like we have a lot in common. I wear my mommy down too and the grandparents this past week BOL.
    Loves from pugs,
    Rosie Marie

  5. Brutus, mom feeds me and my sisters good ol' Purina adult dogchow. We love it - but we'll eat anything.

    Now, before y'all start stickin' yer noses up at Purina, take a look at me and my sis Becca. That ol' bird is 12 and 1/2 and she looks great! And....uh, huh huh....not to brag, but how many pugs have my chisled physique??

  6. Brutus, have your Mommy check out Fromm at this website:

    You can switch between the different foods without an upset tummy, which means you get to eat different tasting things...yum yum. The first ingredient is fresh meat or fish. It's all holistic, so no allergies. It's made in small batches, here in the US, in a USDA inspected facility. And their surf & turf is grain-free. My favorite is the duck and sweet potato. I also like the pork and applesauce.

    They have a kitty food line too. My feline siblings like the salmon a la veg.

    Bella Dog Bakery (Southport/Madison) has free samples that you can try to see if you like it. People are getting such great results that they are having a hard time keeping it on the shelves.

    FYI - Eagle Pack was just bought out by Wellness, and have been having quality control issues (which is why Mommy switched the kitties from it to Fromm).


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