Monday, April 6, 2009

Kellys Birthday and the Indy Pug meetup

Hello everyone. Brutus here. We went to the Indy Pug meetup on Sat then after to a birthday party at Pug Posse for Harles, Sophie and Dixes Mom. There were 19 pugs! Here is a link to a video.
We want to thank Vikki and David for having us over. We also want to thank everyone who posted pictures for us. Mom left her camera in the car.

Here is a pic of Kelly and Miley (yes yes, our cute foster pug)

Here is Dixie, aka "Da Bugg" in a very provocative pose.

Here are all of the pug Moms. Notice Mom didn't hold me? Well that's ok because I don't like to be held but she could have at least called me over.

Lastly, here is a pic of Mom teasing us with an Apple slice. Notice me on the far right sitting a being a good boy.

I was so tired the next day but Miley.....still had energy.


  1. Yep, sat on the side like a good boy.

    Hank's mom says "notice who weaseled his way to the front".

  2. You were being a very good boy. I thought you knew, being good doesn't get you more treats. LOL.


  3. oh so fun brutus!
    what a wonderful weekend!
    we wish we could have been there too!

    m & e

  4. You are a good boy Brutus - hope yo got lots of apples!!

  5. The meet-up and the after-party looked SO fun! I really wish we lived closer! :(

  6. How has Miley not been adopted yet??? If I was in Indiana that dog would be MINE!
    And Brutus, you are a very well behaved, handsome man yourself. Just in case you thought you were being over looked ;)

  7. We were so glad you were able to join us!

    Maybe Miley has found her home???

    Pug hugs and kisses!
    The Pug Posse


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