Monday, January 12, 2009

Tail wagging

Thanks for all of the comments and well wishes about our gotcha day. I don't know why but it was a big deal to me.

Does anyone elses dog or pug wag their tail in their sleep? It's funny because when Brutus does it his tail is almost straight. When he "wags" his tail or his butt I should say, when he is awake, his tail stays curly. Either way it's funny to watch.

Happy Tuesday everyone


  1. hi brutus!
    emmitt does that too!
    m & e

  2. Hi! happy belated gotcha day! When Coco sleeps he only makes funny noises and his tongue sticks out most of the times. It is even fun to watch him then.

  3. Hi cute Brutus! The only thing Pearl does in her sleep is.... fart.

  4. Roxy makes noise in her sleep, and sort of shakes, but I don't know about the tail wiggling. It is hard to tell in the dark.

    Roxy's mom

  5. hi brutus!

    thank you for your question on my blog.

    the dog bed emmitt is pictured on is the small 24 x 30.

    please let me know if you have any other questions.

    :) melissa


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