Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day

Thank you Rosie for this lovely Lady Bug Award.

It represents the blogs that truly love someone or something. It´s a ladybug and they are know for giving us luck whenever we see one. So now I have to pass this on to other 5 blogs.

We'd like to pass this on to Melisa and Emmit, Coco, All of the pugs over at Pug Posse including foster brother Eddie!, Pearl, and Salinger.

Lastly, like others in the midwest we've gotten hammered with snow. I love it! Checkout my santa face in the end of the video. I have snow all over my face. The noise in the background is a neighbors snow blower. He was nice enough and clear our driveway!


Here is a short video of Bones and George Henry.



  1. Brutus! I LOVE that Santa face!!

    Thank you sooo much for the award! You are such a great friend!

  2. hi brutus!
    happy wednesday and snow day!

    we loved your video and thank you so much for the award! You made our day!

    m & e

  3. Hi Brutus!

    Thank you so much for the award (the Ladybugs getting it on made mom crack up!).

    I love your pics! Dude...can you BELIEVE all this snow?? This crap better clear out before our meetup next weekend!!!

    Happy Thursday!

  4. I wish I could come over and play with you in all that snow - we had a snow day yesterday but the snow already melted!!

  5. Hi Brutus, thanks for the award! Have fun in the snow!

  6. Brudie! Does this mean you're a ladyPUG!?

  7. My parents have had enough snow for the winter! How much did you guys get?

  8. We love the santa face. Wow, you guys really did get hammered. Nice neighbor, to help you.



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