Thursday, January 8, 2009


Mom is so tired. She got back from Boston and found out I was pretty tired too. Mom procrastinated on a grant and now is paying the price. She hates writing grants. But enough about her.

I am doing great. I had a fantastic time with the grandparents. They spoiled me. We have been enjoying some of the new shows, Nip/Tuck and Damages. If anyone is a Battlestar Gallactica fan this website is funny. It spoofs facebook.

In the meantime I am loving this cold weather. I make mom go on an extra long walk this morning before I went number 2. he he


  1. I hope you both get rested up soon. Best wishes to your mom with writing that grant!

  2. Glad everyone is back home! We have been loving Damages, too!

  3. Hi Brutus!
    I hope you and your mom have a great weekend relaxing. I know she missed you!
    m & e

  4. Yo Brutus, i heard you yesterday before i saw you and let me say, you are mucho caliente! You had me at heavy me.

  5. Ha ha, Brutus. You are mean to your mom, making her walk far in the cold. I would except I hate the cold.



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