Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What the frak is a cylon?

Brutus here. Mom had to take me to the vet again because I have a cold. I was coughing and sounding like a duck. She also took George Henry in, the orange cat. He was negative for feline lukemia so he is all healthy and vaccinated and we are keeping him unless mom finds him a better home. The black kitten is going to get his manhood taken away sometime this week. I love going to the vet because I get to ride in the car. Moms proud because I know what ride in the car means. I know a lot more than that, but I am not letting her onto that.

I am so happy for the cold weather. I love the snow and cold weather.

We hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Speaking of being thankful.....

Anyone else out there watch Battlestar Gallactica? They have a new website up with clues as to the Final Cylon. Also the Capirca spinoff they were hoping to do go approved. Mon thinks Gaeta is the final cylon but is still very confused. There are other theories.

Not only is BSG coming back so is 24 and Lost!


  1. Mom just couldn't get into BG. She just can't get the concept of machines believing in God and being able to have children. Mom is one of those really logical people that if it doesn't make sense, then she can't stand it. Dad calls her "literal girl".


  2. Hi Brutus! I hope your cold is getting better. I can't believe you like the vet! I shake uncontrollably the minute we walk in! :(

  3. Hope you're feeling better Brutie!


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