Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Look closely at the pic above, notice anything different about me?

Now look at my nose in this pic.

I've gotten some of the scar tissue removed. Well actually it's been "disappearing." Mom started using Kerasolv. The directions says use daily for 4 weeks. Mom said this improvement was after 5 applications. She says if she continues to use on me like that I'll disappear!

Two of the cats here are sick, George Henry and Bones. Mom took the kitten back to the shelter b/c she was afraid he would get sick. She was very sad to see the kitten go. He is a cute little kitten that can entertain himself and is very sweet and passive in some ways and demanding in others.


  1. hi brutus!
    oh i hope the kitties are feeling better today! you are so handsome!
    m & e

  2. Fabulous that the Kerasolv is working so well!

  3. Hi Brutus,

    Sorry the kitties are sick. Your nose looks fabulous!

    Pug love,
    Pearl & Daisy


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