Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Brutus here. Sorry we've been away but we are back and visited everyone's blogs today. Lots of great stories and gifts!

We went to the grandparents over the holiday. Here I am sleeping on the furniture. Something I never do at home but I know at the grandparents, I can get away with anything!

Here is Dutch and Ruthie (white kitteh). They hung out with me at the grandparents house. Dutch is always in trouble. Mom wishes he was around when she was younger so much of the stuff she got blamed for, Dutch could get blamed for.

Here I am with them. Note Dutches laser eyes. He is not to be trusted. I told Grandma and Grandpa that Dutch could easily have his own blog.

Here I am begging grandma for some ham. She gave me some. She luves me.

Grandpa, not so easy to get to feed me. He is a tough one!

Little did I know I was even competing with Ruthie!

No Fair! She has an advantage!

We hung out a lot at the house. They didn't take me many places. I did get to go to the family get together Christmas night. I was a hit. I had a great time running around but got tired and ended up napping. It's tiring being this cute! No pics because mom left the camera in the car. Some family took pictures though. I mean how could they not take pics of me!

We got back yesterday. Of course the cats were all excited to see us. Mom says it was just her they were happy to see but I don't believe her.

Congrats to Kelly and Brian on their engagement!

We hope everyone out there had a great Christmas or Hanuka, or whatever you celebrate! We sure do enjoy sharing our lives with everyone and reading about others.


  1. hi brutus!
    we are so glad you had such a great time! we missed you!
    m & e

  2. Hi Brutus,

    We love ham too! And we're scared of cats with laser eyes. You never know what they are going to do next.

    Pearl & Daisy

  3. I got some ham from mom tonight, as well. Isn't it delicious. Glad you had a fun holiday. I am tired for it too.


  4. Brutus, looks like you are getting spoiled at your Grandparents house! That's the BEST! Mail me some of that ham you got, ok?

  5. Grandmas are the best -- I have mine wrapped around my little paw! And cats are not to be trusted . . . especially ones that 1. will compete with you for people food, and 2. have laser eyes!

  6. Welcome back Brutus!
    It looks like you had a nice holiday and I'm glad your grandma slipped you some treats!

    Mmmm....HAM is the BEST!

    My mommy says that it's NO coincidence that "Pug" and "Pig" are only one vowel off from each other!!!! ;-)

    Happy New Year Buddy!


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