Monday, November 24, 2008

It's about time

Mom has been preoccupied with the cats. Orange cat is doing good. A guy called from work today and is possibly interested. Enough about the cats....

I had a great weekend! I went to Rural King with mom on sat and then on sun helped her rake leaves. I supervised of course. She did all of the labor. I did all of the planning. Rural King was great because there were other dogs I was able to smell and greet. Better yet tho is I was able to charm people into petting me.

Mom bought me some new type of treats and above is a pic of me eating them outside in the leaves. Don't tell mom but I go through the leaves looking for cat poop.


  1. hi brutus!
    you look so happy with your treat in the leaves!
    m & e

  2. I'm with you Brutus, cat poop is such a delicacy!

  3. Great job supervising dude! That's what pugs are for!

  4. We won't tell your mom you're eating cat poop if you don't tell anyone that we eat bird poop, dead worms and cow patties.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Pearl & Daisy


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