Saturday, November 1, 2008

Contest and missed Indy Pug meetup

Although we didn't win, we did enter Punchbugpugs Bugs Bees and Others costume contest. We got this cool badge! YAY. I was a redneck with super sexy mullet.

We were suppose to go to the pug meetup today in Indy but I didn't feel good. Also the grandparents are in town. I again ran around too much with Oscar. In addition I was awake most of the day on Friday too. We are bummed we didn't get to go but plan on going to the December meeting. Dixie, Sophie, and Harley posted some very cool details and pics and it looked like a good time.


  1. That is too bad that you missed the meet up. We are sure you will have lots of fun at the December one.


  2. Love the costume! You're a winner in my book, Brudy!


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