Saturday, October 11, 2008

The tears of a foster parent.

We got back from Pugtoberfest tonight. I will post more about that tomorrow or in a few days. Poor Brutus slept the entire way home. He was so wore out.

I went with Brutus and Harley.

I am happy to report that Harley is now the big brother of Dixie and Sophie. I am so happy for him and his new parents. I know he will be loved and taken care of. I also am happy that I will get to see him every now and then at the pug meetups. I know I may not seem very happy but I am.

I loved having him around. I did ok at the meet up but then I got home and started unpacking and there was his leash. Then I walked into my bedroom and there was his crate and water and food bowls. I don't need to grab two of everything. I miss his loud snorts and grunts. I miss how cute he is when he trots towards me when I call his name. I miss him laying with me on the couch. I miss the way he looks when he wants a treat and how he sits down so cute and eager to please. He is so adorable and such a great dog. I had many people ask me how I could give him up. Part of me didn't want to but I want to foster again. 2 dogs and then a foster is not possible. I am but one person.

I ran into Ozzys foster mom and was informed that he had to get his eye removed. She thinks that may have been the reason he was so aggressive. She said he's doing good and they think after he recovers from the surgery that should increase his chances of being adopted.

Below are some pics I took on the last day I had Harley. The weather was nice, we had just gotten back from a walk.

I know I sound dramatic like he is dead but I just miss him already. He is my first foster to get adopted.

Thanks for letting me share my feelings.


  1. hi brutus and mom
    you are the most wonderful person with the biggest heart.
    thank you so much for the work you do. you found him the most wonderful home. they are going to have so much fun and wonderful lives together. you made that possible. what a beautiful gift.
    melissa & emmitt

  2. Hi there! Mom thinks you are awesome to be a foster mom. It must be so hard to open your heart wide and then have to let someone else take your baby and a piece of your heart. Just keep in mind that you are doing a wonderful service for everyone involved.
    We hope Ozzy does well with his surgery.


  3. We are so glad we got to meet you. Harley is here right now saying "HI MOM!!!" because you will always be his momma!!!!! You would be so proud of how social he has been. He's just ATTACHED to Brian, it's as if Brian and him were together in a past life. And Dixie is REALLY reaching out to be the social director! Sophie doesn't really know what to think, but is timidly making a great effort. We can't wait to see you in November at the meetup and give you hugs (and licks!) again!!!!

  4. Each foster that you have takes a little piece of your heart with them when they leave. Some of them takes a bigger piece than others. Sounds like Harley took quite a bit of yours, just like Brutus did mine. Now you're ready to help another one. It's about the most rewarding thing you can do. April

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I am crying now with your post (I am very sentimental snifff). You are doing a great job as a foster mom. My pug had both eyes removed but before that happened he was a little aggresive and very sad, he only wanted to be left alone. He changed 1000000% after the surgery. Ozzy will be OK!
    And Harley, well you know he will a very spoiled pug being the only boy at home.


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