Saturday, October 4, 2008

My new bed

Hi all Brutus here. See my new bed? I have used it but not lately.

Mom has to go out of town tomorrow and will be gone until Tuesday! She isn't even going to pick us up until Wed because she is getting in so late. Can you believe that! Why isn't she taking us with her? I love car rides I am sure I would love a plane ride too. We are going to stay with Aunt Tracy so I won't get blog for a while. Mom and this job.

Have a great week everyone. We'll be thinking of Goodboy Norman and hoping is tumors don't come back. Also glad to hear that Herbie and Ricky are doing good.


  1. hi brutus!
    tell your mom to have a great trip. you will have great fun at aunt tracy's. we will miss you!
    m & e

  2. Brutus, why aren't you in your new bed?

    Hope your mom has a great trip.



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