Saturday, September 27, 2008


I did a transport today of 3 pugs and one black lab. I took some pictures. The girls names are Gigi, Blossom, and Libby. The black lab is Vern. They pugs are puppy mill rescues from MO on their way to Vermont. The black lab is on the way to NY. All were adorable. They stayed in crates while I drove and slept the whole time.

First up is this little gal Blossom. SUPER friendly. Very small.

Next up is this one Gigi, she was very shy and very still.

Next up Libby, she seemed to really get along with the black lab. They would play a little. She was friendly but needed you to make the first move. She also was the only one of the pugs that didn't look skinny.

Last up is Vern.

Now for a few short videos.





  1. What a good thing you are doing. Thank goodness they will have a chance to find nice, loving homes.


  2. oh what sweet babies!
    you saved them! you are a very special person.
    m & e

  3. awwww - how great that they are free from milling. they are all adorable - I'm sure they will be adopted out in a heart beat.

  4. HI this is Karen of Green Mtn Pug Rescue. All 3 pugs will be loved on in foster homes and learn hosuetraining and what its like to be a lovingly adored family member. Gigi will be seeing an eye specialist as she has something wrong with her eyes. Blossom is the thinner one that is healthy. Libby stayed in Ohio for heartworm treatment and will come out later. thanks for sharing these and more importantly for helping drive a leg..


  5. Aw! They are all so cute! Sounds like you had fun, and what a fantastic thing you did for them!
    Love Clover xo

  6. I saw these sweeties on GMPR website! We know they'll be in wonderful forever homes real soon!!!! Green Mountain rocks!


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