Monday, September 8, 2008

Ozzy is finding a new home

Brutus here. Mom has mixed emotions. Ozzy is going to a different foster family. She will be dropping off him tomorrow. When she got the email today she cried. She does like/love him. On the one hand she is glad to see him go but on the other she doesn't want him to go and wishes she could give him what he needs. The last week since she was bit, things have been calm. Mom didn't discipline him as much mainly because she kept him in the harness a lot.

Mom feels bad because she couldn't handle him but she is only human. She also is thankful that KPR was able to find another home for Ozzy and thankful to the family that is watching him. She'll write more tomorrow.

She also wanted to apologize for not posting much on other folks blogs. She'll get to it soon. She's reading them.


  1. Aaaaw! Snarfles to you and lots of puggy kisses.

    You did everything you could, and you are amazing for taking him in.

  2. Oh, we hope your mom feels better. She is only human, and she did everything she could. Which is more than a lot of people. Give her some extra pug kisses and snorts.



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