Monday, September 15, 2008


Brutus here. Harley is fitting into the family fold nicely. He does great with the crate and is housebroken. He barely barks. He is getting more laid back and comfortable. She thinks he's a little cutie. Today she gave him a bath. Mom says it's different giving a black pug a bath than a fawn like me. Everything looks different.

Mom was barely home today. Something about a job. She came home in the middle of the day and stayed for like an hour and then left again and came back tonight. I don't know what this job is but it's getting annoying.

Mom had a picture of IJ eating the cake she didn't give me! Can you believe that? She accidentally deleted it. So close your eyes and imagine a stupid black cat eating my cake!

Mom made hotel reservations for us for Pugtoberfest! YAHOO


  1. Pugtoberfest sounds pawesome!

    Maybe they'll serve pug-pumpkin-beer!

  2. Hope job is going well!

    And PUGtoberfest sounds awesome! :)

  3. Pugtoberfest does sound like a lot of fun. We are glad everything is going well with Harley. Mom agrees with you about giving a black pug a bath. I dry a lot sooner than Lucky.


  4. Jobs are just the worst! So glad your new puggy is fitting in well!

  5. Hey Guys... so this is kind of a secret now... but we are wanting a 3rd pug and were all into Harley then realized... he's our blogger friend! You must e-mail us girls at and tell us what you think about us possibly adopting him... :)


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