Thursday, September 11, 2008

Harley and is this what other dogs do?

I have a few short videos of Harley. Black pugs are hard to see, especially at night!

He is a cutie but he seems to be a little possessive of me. He doesn't like it when Brutus is closer to me. Is this normal? At one point tonight for no reason when Brutus was in the kitchen with me, Harley growled at him. I told him no and his ears went back and he stopped.

Earlier today Harley also picked a fight with Brutus. Brutus instantly had the best of him. No blood or anything. I have kittehs and they spat at times. Is this normal?




  1. My first two pugs, Muffie and Bridget, would have knock down drag em out fights, and then be kissing each other 2 hours later. I would say that dominance is being established, sort out, etc. Keep an eye on it.

    Roxy's Mom

  2. They sound JUST like my puggies! Sophie is WAY possessive. Also Sophie picks fights with Dixie a lot... they go over well SOMETIMES, other times Dixie wants no part... but she always has to participate, whether she likes it or not! They sound like they are just working out their relationship.

  3. He really does have a little horse trot! How cute!
    Yes, dominance issues - it will take a few days, Harley will realize Brudabaker is the A-man, and then it will probably chill out. There may be more play-like fights after that, but I bet once he really sees who's boss, he'll calm down some. Just make sure you keep reinforcing to him that Brudabaker is in charge like you did with your strong "no!"

  4. Oh yeah. Big Brother and I go at it 24-7. OK, well not that frequently, but still-- pretty often.

    I'm just a little guy who thinks he's a big guy!

    BTW, I have a funky walk too. Welcome to the Ministry of Silly Walks!

  5. My two pugs fight like...cats and dogs (for lack of a better term) many times a day. Then ten minutes later they will be passed out in each others arms. It's just the way they are. They snip at each other and bite and bark and growl occasionally. I mean, as much as we want to humanize them, they are dogs and pack animals.

    Harley and Brutus are trying to figure out who is dominate and they're asserting their place in the roles of the household it's completely normal. Don't chastise it unless it gets out of hand.


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