Saturday, August 16, 2008

RIP Sprout

Brutus here. Mom had to take me to the vet today. Our vet is so great and he worked us right in. I had some type of pea sized sore on my tummy. No one knows how I got it. It was full of puss and other yuky stuff. The vet tried to get it to pop with pressure but it didn't so he said to leave it. I don't know why Mom was worried it didn't hurt. So later when we got home it popped but I didn't pay attention when. Now there is a band-aid there.

Anyway, so the real important thing is I got to ride in the car! She even took me while she did some errands! Thank goodness we have nice weather!

I embarrassed her by Pooping in Rural King LOL. She was embarrassed but the worker just laughed and talked about how cute I am. HA HA.

Wanted to take a moment and say how sad we are to hear about Sprout, Violette Noelle. If we have read right the services are today and we've been thinking about her family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

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  1. Dear Brutus, what a lovely thought about Sprout. Thank you very much. Auntie came back tonight. Mom picked her up at the airport. She took one look at mom and sobbed in her arms. It was very sad. Auntie was so excited to be a godmother, and then.... that.

    Anyway, nice that you got a car ride. Glad the worker didn't yell at your mom about the poop, and glad that the owie is gone. Take care.



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