Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ozzy tried to escape!

So the doorbell rings. That always begins a flurry of pointed ears and wide eyes. Then Mom walked to the door, and opened it, retrieved some paper and I and Ozzy ran outside. Ozzy chased the Post office ladies car to our mailbox, then the next one, then the next one. Mom watched and laughed. I thought maybe she was going to let him just continue following and we wouldn't have to deal with him anymore. I mean she has to deliver a lot more mail and if he continues to follow....

So unfortunately Mom got the camera, leashed me up, and off we went for the little guy. At first there was no sign, I thought OH YES. Then we finally saw him can you see him? Look for the blur below the basketball goal

Can you see him now?

He must have ran around a lot because here is he after we got back into the house.


  1. hahah. Your mommy is good - if this had happened to me, I would not have been laughing, oh no. There would have been screaming and hyperventilating, etc etc. So kudos to her for staying calm and collected.

  2. Look at that smile! He had a great time!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle
    p.s.Last time I ran out the door when my mommy caught me she popped my butt so hard & was so scared she also had a seizure! It's funny now but as of now I don't go out the door unless told to do so! She thinks it's great that your mommy was so calm about it!

  3. OH NO! Brutus, you made it sound like you WANTED him to run away... how RUDE!

  4. Aww shucks I like him, I was just being silly.

    Mom hardly ever panics. She said as she was watching ozzy, she wondered if he might run back towards us, and also kinda wondered how far he would run. We don't have much traffic at all in our neighborhood.

  5. Oh my! Wasn't your mom worried she wouldn't fing him? My mom would have been hysterical.


  6. Look at the contented smile on Ozzy!!! I bet he love the good work out :)

  7. Oh my! I bet you were petrified when you were running after him. Talk about adrenalin!


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