Friday, August 29, 2008

Odd and ends

Brutus here. Mom was disappointed to get an email from the lady who was interested in Ozzy saying they are no longer interested. She was honest about his biting and food aggression and she's afraid that scared her off. He is doing so good and making progress. He just needs a chance. Oh well. His forever home is out there.

Moms also sad that KPR is unable to take in anymore surrenders. She wishes she could win the lottery.

On a happier note the grandparents are visiting! They have given me a lot of good affection as well as Ozzy. Ozzy seems to really like the Man. He even likes the woman too but especially the man. Mom worked with him today and he's making progress on laying down. We also got baths today so we are smelling and feeling better.

OH I forgot to post about my visit to campus! What fun. No pictures because Mom forgot the camera. She is posting a old one from a former visit. I got to walk up the stairs and look down.

Mom said something about me being registered for the class. I walked around and greeted everyone in the class. They think I am cute. Then I laid down and rested. I got to walk on campus after class and meet and greet with the college kids. I was a hit with the ladies!

We hope everyone is having a good Holiday Weekend!

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  1. We know Ozzy will find the right home. We know what you mean about your mom wishing to win the lottery. Mom wishes the same thing for a lot of the same reasons.

    We certainly understand why you are a hit at the campus. How could you not be.



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