Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another weird morning and maybe Ozzy found a forever home?

OK, Mom has lost it, she got us up early again! I am excited though because she is taking me with her to her class she teaches tonight!

Please pray for Ozzy, on Friday or Sat we are meeting a Mom and son that's interested in him. They seem like a good fit and they don't have any other pets. We think this would be so great for Ozzy and we hope he finds a forever home soon.

Mom says she likes Ozzy but she wants to foster more dogs and has enough trouble caring for the two of us. Mom feels kinda bad that she's not keeping Ozzy but she thinks a different family would be a better fit for him long term.

Did I mention I get to ride in the car tonight? YAHOO


  1. It's for the best! Don't feel bad! Hopefully that family will be the perfect fit!

  2. I don't know why humans don't understand that pugs need to spend the morning sleeping in!

    Good luck to Ozzy!

  3. Your mom knows what is best for Ozzy, she is with him day in and day out. Don't let anyone give your mom a hard time about her decision.
    glad you enjoy the car rides. We do too.


  4. It's hard to let a foster go, especially your first foster. I wish I could tell you it gets easier..... I alway think of it like I'm the baby sitter and I'm just keeping him or her until the REAL parents get home. You lose a little piece of your heart with each foster but it well worth it. Hugs, April


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