Friday, July 25, 2008

What is a foster brother?

So Mom sat me down and explained I will have one foster brother. She said his name is Ollie and he's a 6 year old. She said he's got an eye that I have to be careful with. Mom's very excited. At first she thought she might have two dogs and that scared her. But then she learned she is getting just one and she has calmed down. She hasn't told the cats yet. I don't think they will approve. Mom said they would be fine but I think Lily will be mad.

I am not quite sure what she means by all of this really as she said we get to go in the car tomorrow and that's about all I heard.

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  1. What it means, Brutus, is that you will get to give a pug who has never known the love you have always had lots of love and security. He may be very afraid or nervous and you just have to be patient and kind to him. Your mom is doing a great thing and she really needs you help on this. Lucky and I know you'll be great at it. Enjoy.



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